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NEW RENOVATIONS FENCE & DECKING COMPANY has been in business for over five years. Our goal is to continually search for the best in reasonably priced materials for you, our customers. We also strive to learn new methods and procedures that will produce longer-lasting results for our fences, gates, and decks.

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Our deck and fencing company in Angleton, TX, has your best interests at heart. We strive to give your property an updated look you’ll surely love. We offer a wide variety of home improvement services, including:

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5-Year Deck & Fence Warranty

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Let’s start with this: who has a fence that’s leaning over or falling? If you do, why would you want to go back to the same fencing company and throw your money away?

Do you have a fence that’s falling apart after only a few short years? We don’t add sand to our concrete like some of the larger companies. Adding sand depletes the structural integrity of the concrete, so it doesn’t hold together well. And if a business won’t give you at least a 2-year warranty that should tell you they don’t trust their skill or materials.

Best In Quality & Craftsmanship

We only use the best in materials and craftsmanship to construct our fences and decks. We start with products from McCoy’s because everyone knows their wood is superior to the big box stores. We also only use hot-dipped galvanized ring shank fence nails and hot-dipped galvanized carriage bolts on our decks, with the option of stainless steel decking screws.

Our Trusted Supplier

Our wood material comes from our primary supplier McCoy’s Building Supplies. For decks built close to the water, we’ll also use products from Bayou City. Their wood is for personal decking as well as structures on the Houston Ship channel. Saltwater is tough on wood, and their pressure treatments hold up to that harsh environment.

We Value Superior Materials

We only shop at stores that normally stock Class 3 hot-dipped galvanized or Grade 1 and 2 wood products. Some stores claim to have pressure-treated material, and they do, but they skimp on the copper oxide in the treatment. Copper oxide is the key ingredient needed to ensure long life in any pressure-treated product.

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